This weeks high level recap looks like this:

Investors Contacted: 8 RBIC investors + 2 CPG VC + 301 inc (dissolved)
Pass / No : 3 – Loftpartners / Innova / Lewis and Clark
No response (yet): Ridge Peak Partners / 301 inc / Meritusventures / Open Prairie / Azalea
Conversations: 3 Blue Highway, Midwest Growth Fund, Advantage Cap

The last VC webinar I was on said raising capital will be the hardest thing you will do and it will take up all your time. Based on the results from this week I’m feeling optimistic, but I know there is long journey ahead of us.

We had good conversations with Karin, John and Damon. Next steps are having their internal teams review the deck and get back to us if they would like to dive further.