Starting Week 3 in investor reach out, so far this week I’ve reached out to the following groups:

The Builders Fund
Cowboy VC
Westlane Captial

Let me recap the responses: “No, Not a fit, to early, maybe in the future” . The list is small and growing each week, the end goal is to have something lined up for Q1 2022. Also note, I’m spending a good amount of time reading through the groups website, following up on linked in and trying to make sure there is a fit. Some groups are more tech focused, but since we are heavy in ecommerce there is a crossover.

This are actual response’s from a few VC groups:

Hi there, 

Thanks for reaching out and your interest in ________ Ventures. Unfortunately, what you are building is not a fit for us at this time. 

Best of luck as you continue to progress. 

Starbucks talked to 217 investor groups that told him no. But this reponse looks pretty automated — “hi there” ..

Thanks for reaching out. I read through your deck and congratulations on the progress you’ve made to date bootstrapped. 

We don’t have a strong focus right now on the CPG category and plan to step back from this opportunity. I would reach out to Springdale Ventures, who does have a CPG focus.

Best of luck with the raise,

At least I was emailed a response. !

We had a chance to review the materials and discuss with the team this morning. We like you guys and the model, but you are too early stage for us at this point (your projected 2021 revenue is right at the entry point for size of business for us). We’d like to stay in touch and as you scale consider a future funding opportunity. Please let me know if you have any questions or need further detail.

Headed in the right direction ! –