There it is – I’ve summed up the entirety of this post. Raising capital when you’re a smaller co (under $10m) becomes challenging, especially

Here’s the Real Update:

I’ve emailed around 60 VC firms, “maybe” from 3- all RBIC funds, the rest didn’t respond or said we will “sit on the sideline” which means no.

Why can’t it be easier? (Because if where everyone would fucking do it. )

So as I’m pulling financials / recasting numbers/ putting together data rooms it made think about the alternatives. If you want to grow you need cash – Your own cash flow is only going to let you grow within those limits. So what are the alternatives?

Crowdfunding – We tried a campaign with Seedinvest a few years ago, no success beside the 25k we put in to fuel the campaign. Why Someone suggested that Seed invest was more a platform and didn’t have a highly engaged investor group that backed deals. They wanted to manage your raise, and take a % of it but you actually marketing of the raise. Could be true.. but either way it failed. Here’s the video we ran :

Have been contacted buy startengine – Looking into possibly trying this 1 more time.

VC platforms -Currently checking these out

We will keep pushing