Well , We’ve been lucky enough to figure out a way to cashflow the business so focusing on fundraising hasn’t been super crucial, but we’ve come to the point where the numbers are getting bigger, and to really 3x-10x our growth year over year we need to have access to capital quickly to pull things off.

Quick highlights:

  • Everyone has still said NO, you’re to small. We were close with a CPG group from North Carolina (CPG capital of the usa). We had a soft no, but got in depth with conversations.
  • Groups are taking our calls to hear what we have to say.

    Competitors are copying us – driving home from Vegas we were even flattered by our “TEXAS STYLE JERKY” being stolen by Alien Jerky. (good to know you’re watching)
  • Jack Links swooped in and took one of our influencers

Next Steps

This week we’ve been accepted the newchip accelerator and have an intro call with their team. Looking at the past year in talking with investment groups it really is a full time job.

With that being said we are now moving forward with hiring and investment banking group to mange the raise for us. Having a call with Young America Capital to see if they are a fit.

Other Fun News:

  • Backorders galore —
  • Jerky and Chips are constantly sold out
  • Banks are slow — working with a traditional bank is like pulling teeth, they lack vision, and basically they don’t care unless its asset backed.