Happy Friday world — Its the end of week 2 of investor reach outs and here’s whats happening:

  • Advantage Cap — they might be in if I can find a matching VC for $3m
  • Midwest Growth Partners – They are diving into the deck and evaluating
  • Blue Highway is in for 2022 if I can prove the plan – they want to do an equity deal vs a convertible note.

Pretty good start – this week has been tight on the reach outs and follow up due to other commitments, but its slowly happening. Next weeks goal is to get the deck in front of another 20+ cpg groups.

I have a meeting setup up next week with another RBIC – Azalea Capital, they mentioned they are looking for $1m in Ebitda, I’m not there yet, but have a few acquisitions that can make that happen rather quickly.

I’ll check in next week with further updates, but so far so good.