Good question right? Are you getting playacted, ignored – politely declined? You want to know WHY did you get a no or a pass .. or at least I do , I want to figure out what I missed and how to make my presentation better .

Keep reading below and see if you can help me out.

Here’s the VC criteria :

This is the focus for Loft partners in Chicago – formerly 2x Partners .

So I’m following up from this weeks round of contacts. I had an email chain with an investment group and the response I had was “outside our focus as of now” …

So here’s my question; based on the focus of the VC and our focus I think it’s a match worth looking at. So why did I get this response?

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately this is a bit outside our focus as of now. Good Plans though
Please keep us posted

I followed up up with a question about the deck and if there was anyone in their network that would be a better fit. response :

I think deck was on track – although I’d add historical financials not just current year and projected. Not sure on other investors. BULK is early for most of the folks I am thinking of – but will advise if anything comes to mind.

 (if you’d like to see the deck email me

So back to the question “do investors really look at your deck?”

My goal here is to tweak the presentation so all information is front and center, I get it people are busy, they are constantly sent decks, have a short attention span, for the information that gets in front of them. I followed up with a 3rd question, no response yet but I’ll keep you posted.

If you would like to take a look at the pitch deck we’ve built – send me an email and I can get you copy.