Oh yah, another day of researching reading, getting sucked down vc articles and other rabbit holes, talking with team members, building career paths, researching the future of food / meat products, looking at brands that are on a growth path, comparing, seeing how we can own it all or just carve out our space and fit in. And don’t forget about snacking – you must snack when in in front of the computer.

Other fun things I had the pleasure of doing today

  • Telling my wife I’m sorry for being a jerk
  • Eating Wagyu jerky as a snack
  • Eating 750 calories of chocolate covered almonds — they are soo good..

    Favorite thought today: I was thinking about the Sketchers business model – find the leaders, copy them, sell it for 1/2. It’s proved to work with their $5b in annual sales.

VC groups contacted today:

Cavu Ventures – I Linked in Rohan Oza (Shark Tank, Coca Cola) and gave him a quick pitch, I called the santa monica # and left a vm. These guys are invsted in thrive market/ sold off chefs cut jerky and have a pretty shiny portfolio with products I see in the stores locally. Do they need a “BULK” brand that can take every product and own the supply chain with? Maybe –

Silverton Partners – this group looks more tech focused, but it looks like they invest in a wide group – lets see if the bulk platform for world domination fits their agenda.

Green Park Brands – they fit the bill, lets see what they think of BULK’s plan.

Live Oak – Austin based VC – they invest in texas based companies -(Johnson City ! ) I also reached out to Krishna on linked in with the follow up request. I’m like a pitbull, and you’re my chew toy. I’m going to get you. (a conversation is what I’m aiming for)

Halen Brands They invested in chefs cut, I bet they lost on that one. They have a small office, but are right up our profile investor alley. Let’s see if they get back to me.

Other notes: Midnight Ventures in Austin accepted my Linkd in request.. whatttt — they must be writing a check right now. Lol – I wish .

BANK Financing news: currently working with Texas First National Bank on refinancing the plant in Johnson city, rolling over all the debt into 1 nice payment and improving cashflow. Slow as a snail, but I’m at the mercy of the bank. (this is a reason why we need more $ – hard to grow 100% a year when you’re hands are tied behind your back.)